october 22, 2018

michael blake announces run for new york city public advocate

to champion jobs and justice #forthepeople at community rally in the bronx

Blake shares his vision for the future of New York City at a kickoff rally in The Bronx

THE BRONX, NY. (October 22, 2018) – On Sunday, while visiting all five boroughs, Michael Blake announced his candidacy for New York City Public Advocate at a community kickoff rally in The Bronx.

As Public Advocate, Michael will build on the promise he made to the voters of the 79th Assembly District and continue fighting for better opportunities for every New Yorker.  Blake’s key vision is JOBS & JUSTICE and seeks to focus on unity, equity, opportunity, fairness, and justice. Blake believes we need a dramatic overhaul in the management and culture of the New York City Housing Authority. We must implement a comprehensive Criminal Justice reform that implements Alternatives To Incarceration, bail reform, speedy trial, and Open Discovery so that we build schools not jails while changing the culture and training within Rikers Island. He will advocate for a jobs and skills agenda, focusing on micro, Small, Minority and Women Business Enterprises, the future of work and labor to help empower more working class families.

Michael Blake looks forward to sharing his vision on the next Public Advocate will continue the exemplary work of Tish James and fight #ForThePeople.  For updates, please follow @blakefornyc