Environmental justice

Climate Change is real, and it is already affecting our city. It took billions of dollars and years of hard work to rebuild our city after Hurricane Sandy in 2012 - and super-storms like Sandy are happening much more frequently. We must work to make New York resilient in the face of natural disasters, particularly for our low-income communities who traditionally have fewer protections against the elements.

We must build both a sustainable and a resilient community by reducing pollution and increasing energy-efficient practices city-wide. Ensuring that polluters are held accountable so the air and water we breathe and drink is safe for all New Yorkers, is something I feel passionate about and will continue to fight for as Public Advocate.

As Public Advocate, I will:

Promote a Sustainable New York:

We must work tirelessly to reach our goals of reducing our carbon footprint. Measures like introducing electric buses and mandating LEED Certification requirements for new construction. While 80% of our carbon comes from buildings and residences, we must create incentives for landlords to update older buildings. As Public Advocate, I will ensure that the government leads by example by ensuring that public buildings reach the highest LEED certification standard.

Build a Resilient City:

While working to reduce our pollution, we also must prepare for the next super-storm. With sea levels rising, we must increase protections from rising water levels - particularly in Lower Manhattan. As Public Advocate, I will ensure that the city has a workable emergency preparedness plan in the unfortunate case of another natural disaster.

Advance Sanitation Programs:

Working hand-in-hand with promoting sustainable practices, we must also modernize service delivery of sanitation programs by supporting pilot programs for the removal of organic composting, cooking oil, and electronic waste. As Public Advocate, I will audit these pilot programs and work to capture the momentum of their successes.