michael blake raises nearly $1 million in campaign for public advocate

blake proudly opts in to public financing; demonstrates massive grassroots support

Januar 15, 2019

New York, NY— On Tuesday, the Blake for New York campaign released preliminary fundraising numbers showing that it has raised nearly $1 million dollars for his Public Advocate campaign.  Blake raised approximately $981,679 in combined private and public matching funds during the first reporting period of the race for Public Advocate, including $646,232 in New York City matching funds. The demonstration of financial strength and ability to continue receiving matchable funds establishes him as one of the clear frontrunners in the crowded race.

Overall, the campaign raised $334,472 from 1,507 donors. 842 of those are eligible New York City matching fund donors with $80,779 of the overall fundraising total eligible to be matched 8:1 under the city’s new public matching funds program. 81% of Blake's donors contributed $250 or less, and 56% donated $100 or less, a significant demonstration of grassroots support for the campaign.

“I’m honored that so many New Yorkers believe in our vision of #JobsAndJustice.  We are building a grassroots movement that is truly of, by, and #ForThePeople. Our campaign is proud to participate in the city’s new public match program that was overwhelmingly voted on by New Yorkers in November, ensuring everyday New Yorkers have the strongest voice in this election.

As our movement for #JobsAndJustice builds, we will continue to reach out to New Yorkers to prove why our vision is right for the future of our city.” - Michael Blake

Additionally, Blake’s campaign submitted 10,000 petition signatures, ensuring that Michael will be second on the February 26th ballot under the party name FOR THE PEOPLE.