public advocate candidate michael blake announces first set of endorsements in campaign for public advocate

community leaders support the #Forthepeople Movement for Jobs and Justice

November 28, 2018

New York, NY— On Wednesday, Michael Blake held a press conference announcing his first set of endorsements from across the city in his campaign for Public Advocate, including:

Assembly Member Tremaine Wright, 56th District (Bed Stuy)
Assembly Member Rebecca Seawright, 76th District (Upper East Side, Roosevelt Island)
Assembly Member Jeff Aubry, 35th District (Jackson Heights)
Maya Wiley - Henry Cohen Professor at the Milano School & Senior Vice President, The New School
Rev. Dr. Raymond Rivera, President and CEO, Latino Pastoral Action Center
Nathalie Molina Niño,  Author of LEAPFROG: The New Revolution of Women Entrepreneurs
Aaron Carr, Founder, Housing Rights Initiative
David Banks, President & CEO, Eagle Academy Foundation
Akeem Browder, Founder, Kalief Browder Foundation and Social Justice advocate
United African Coalition
Mohammed Rashid, South Asian community leader in Queens
Sam Clarke, Chairman, Better Life For Our People, NY Chapter

In her endorsement, Assembly Member Rebecca Seawright said “Assembly Member Michael Blake will bring to the position of Public Advocate a powerful voice, a unique set of skills honed in New York City, Albany, and Washington, D.C, and a deep commitment to hold city institutions accountable to all of our communities. He has the ability, intellect, and determination to energize the citizenry so that the office will effectively involve and draw upon talents of New Yorkers. I am honored to endorse Michael Blake for Public Advocate of The City of New York.”

“As an Assembly Member in Brooklyn and Chair-Elect of the Black, Hispanic and Asian Legislative Caucus, I have worked with Michael Blake as he fights for justice for the people of New York, said Assembly Member Tremaine Wright. “Michael is exactly what we need as our next Public Advocate as he will fight to increase homeownership, demand ways to stop deed theft and fight to protect our seniors' rights to age and retire with dignity. We need a uniter who will bring our city together and lead us to new heights. I'm proud to support Michael Blake for New York City Public Advocate and honored to be a Co-Chair of his campaign."

Maya Wiley said “I support Michael Blake because this city needs a Public Advocate who is for the people; who is for jobs and for justice. Someone who will see us, work with us, and will get it done.”

In his endorsement, Charles Cooper, stated
“We, the United African Coalition, stand with Assemblyman Michael Blake in his bid for NYC Public Advocate. He’s a proven leader with a vision for justice and economic vibrancy. At this point in the city’s history, we want a leadership that can deliver.”

“Assembly Member Blake comes to this race with all the prerequisites needed to be a strong Public Advocate for the people of New York City. Assembly Member Blake has dedicated his life to change that we can believe in, and will continue to guard that change as Public Advocate,” said Samuel Clarke.

"Michael Blake will bring the public advocate's office into the 21st century by implementing a proactive, effective, and data driven approach. Our broken housing enforcement system needs a watchdog who understands that systematic problems require systematic solutions. Someone with a track record of fighting to preserve affordable housing in New York City. Michael has the ingenuity, creativity, and resourcefulness to elevate the office to the next level” - Aaron Carr

Rev. Raymond Rivera stated “As a Latino faith Leader, I am a holistic Ministry practitioner; one who believes ministry responds to the spiritual, social, political and economic issues facing our communities. As a lay minister and public servant, Assemblyman Blake has proven himself to be a powerful voice for the people of New York City and a true doer of the word. Regarding the public policy issues facing our communities, from Affordable Housing to the responsible closing of Rikers Island, Michael Blake's voice has always been there. I fully support Michael's candidacy for New York City Public Advocate.”

“What makes Michael Blake a unique candidate for Public Advocate is that he does not believe in making progress by standing on the sidelines, whimpering and complaining,” said Mohammad Rashid. “What he believes is making progress by practicing and implementing ideas because he understands and knows the reins of power. Today, New York City needs a leader like Michael Blake who will not just be anti-Trump, but who will fight every day for progressive values and virtues, review policies, and practice principles in order to stand indivisible with us all. That is why from Jackson Heights, Queens, we strongly endorse our brother Michael Blake as THE best candidate for the New York City Public Advocate.”