Michael Blake announces latest round of endorsements in campaign for Public Advocate

Endorsements from federal, state, and local officials-- including Congress Members-- mark a major momentum surge in campaign

February 5, 2019

New York, NY—The Blake for New York campaign announces the endorsement of Queens Congress Member Gregory Meeks, Bronx Congress Member Eliot Engel, Bronx State Senator Jamaal Bailey, Former New York State Comptroller Carl McCall, Bronx Assembly Member Carmen Arroyo, Queens Assembly Member Alicia Hyndman, Bronx Assembly Member Jeff Dinowitz, Queens Assembly Member Michele Titus, Bronx Assembly Member José Rivera, and Bronx Council Member Ritchie Torres.

“With division plaguing our federal government and impacting everyday services for New Yorkers, we need new leadership who can unite our city while providing results and Michael Blake is that leader. Michael has a strong record of delivering time and time again for New Yorkers while in the Assembly, building coalitions as a White House and campaign aide to former President Obama, and currently playing a leading role as Vice Chair of the Democratic National Committee, mobilizing people in New York and across the country for our blue wave.  I’m proud to endorse Michael Blake for Public Advocate, and, I will do everything that I can to mobilize Southeast Queens to vote for him.” - Congress Member Gregory Meeks

“We need a Public Advocate who can bring people together and solve problems. Michael's proven record of uniting different communities is exactly the type of leadership we need here New York City, especially during these uncertain times. His will be a strong voice for every New Yorker as our next Public Advocate.” - Congress Member Eliot Engel

“New York City needs progressive leadership who is focused on affordable housing and criminal justice reform. There is no one in this race who has done more to improve the lives of low income communities and communities of color than Michael Blake. He has stood shoulder to should with me in the legislature to fight for the people, and I am proud to endorse him for Public Advocate.” - State Senator Jamaal Bailey

“Our city needs a fiscally responsible leader, someone who will be diligent in protecting public pensions and increase opportunities for minority and women-owned businesses. From his time in the White House to his tenure in the Assembly, Michael Blake has proven himself to be a good steward of public funds. He is the right choice for Public Advocate.” - Former New York State Comptroller Carl McCall

“A job is the most effective way to empower another human being. Jobs enable people to earn money to sustain themselves and fosters the development of skills that open doors to other opportunities and generate self-respect, dignity and self-worth. I endorse Assemblyman Michael Blake for Public Advocate because he is a tireless advocate for jobs for our community, and, I encourage my constituents to vote for him on February 26th.” - Assembly Member Carmen Arroyo

“As a mother, a daughter of Caribbean immigrants, a former Community Education Council President, and a Black woman, I believe that we must focus on helping people keep their homes by addressing deed and mortgage theft that is hurting homeownership. I trust Michael Blake to be the watchdog our city needs to protect homeowners, and he has my full support in this campaign for Public Advocate.” - Assembly Member Alicia Hyndman

"No one will do a better job representing us as Public Advocate than Michael Blake. His work in the Assembly on issues that our community cares about from schools to the M.T.A. show me that he will make a difference. Michael already does a lot of the work that a Public Advocate should do, and, we need to bring out a strong vote for him in the northwest Bronx in the special election on February 26th." - Assembly Member Jeff Dinowitz

“Michael has already proven himself an astute legislator, and he will continue that mantra of leadership as Public Advocate. His stance on improving transportation access in our district shows that he understands the issues. Michael's oratorical skills will inspire and motivate people into action, which is exactly what we need in our next Public Advocate.” - Assembly Member Michele Titus

“This moment is one of the most important I have seen in years. I have watched this young man in the Assembly and in the community in The Bronx. Michael represents his district well. Michael is a coalition builder who provides new citywide leadership. We need Michael Blake as Public Advocate to unite and lead our city.” - Assembly Member José Rivera

“I’m proud to endorse Michael Blake to be our next Public Advocate. He has the tenacity, independence, and experience to ensure the office works for all New Yorkers, and holds city government accountable to the people. He is the best person for the job and will make a great Public Advocate.” - Council Member Ritchie Torres

“New Yorkers deserve a leader who can unite people behind a common purpose, and having the support of this incredible group of leaders from across the city is so important to our movement for jobs and justice. As Public Advocate, I will work with state and local leaders to continue providing real change for the people of our great city.” - Public Advocate Candidate Michael Blake

Congress Member Meeks, Congress Member Engel, State Senator Bailey, Former Comptroller McCall, Assembly Member Arroyo, Assembly Member Hyndman, Assembly Member Dinowitz, Assembly Member Titus, Assembly Member Rivera, and Council Member Torres join Congress Member Serrano, Council Member Richards, State Senator Sepulveda; Assembly Members Seawright, Wright, Aubry, Fernandez, and Pichardo; City Council Member Salamanca, Former Lieutenant Governor Dick Ravitch, and several community groups and organizations including DC37 Local 372 in supporting Michael Blake’s campaign for Public Advocate.


New York State Assembly Member Michael Alexander Blake has been elected to represent the 79th District in The Bronx for a third term. He has helped lead the efforts to create the first and only statewide My Brother’s Keeper education program in the country and helped lead the charge to Raise The Age of criminal responsibility.

As a member of the Housing committee, he has fought to increase funding for New York City public housing and been a consistent advocate for affordable housing, rent stabilization and pushing back against gentrification. Blake has championed legislation for Minority and Women-owned Business Enterprises and fought for democracy reform throughout the State of New York and the country.

Previously, Blake served as Associate Director of Public Engagement and Deputy Associate Director of the Office of Intergovernmental Affairs under President Obama. He has helped expand the electorate nationwide through his work in President Obama’s campaigns and his current service as DNC Vice Chair.