I applaud Senior US District Judge William H. Pauley III’s rejection of the proposed NYCHA consent decree.  Judge Pauley’s ruling detailed the many atrocities that public housing residents have complained about for years; from a chronic lack of heat and hot water, to rodent infestation, lead poisoning, Legionnaires outbreaks and a system of pure negligence and intentional cover-ups.  This is a stark reminder of NYCHA’s inefficiency and acknowledges that criminal behavior has been rampant and tolerated within the agency’s ranks for many years.

I urge everyone to read the ruling to review the testimonies of countless NYCHA residents that detail the pain and suffering that public housing residents have had to endure.  Living conditions in NYCHA buildings are far worse than anyone imagined.  Judge Pauley’s advisement validated what so many of our neighbors have tirelessly complained about.

What is clear is that NYCHA will have to offer more substantive, concrete remedies.  The halls of justice have heard public housing residents loud and clear.

I will continue to advocate for safe, clean living conditions for residents of public housing.  I will fight for the people until justice, care and attention is afforded to all New Yorkers.  Those responsible for the neglect and suffering in NYCHA must be held accountable for their abuse of power.